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Free to Play RPG games do not cost you a dime. All you have to do is have computer and log on to the gaming website and begin playing. Some website will require you to sign up so that you can always pause your play and when you sign back up you can proceed from where you left the game. Apart from being free the other good part about these games is that you don’t have to download or install them at all. You will simply play them from the website. This article will tell you more about the free RPG games that you can play online at ease and their features as well.


This RPG game boasts of having true action unlike any other action game that has been done before. It was released in 2012 and so it hasn’t been in the gaming world for too long but boasts of a variety of features. Currently it is easily one of the best free games you can find online. It has a feature of races namely Castanics, Poporis, Aman, Baraka, High Elves and the knowledgeable humans. The larger part of terror is made of free roam areas with numerous and never ending wild jungles as well as deserts. As a gamer your main aim is to save the world and so you fight the bloodthirsty monsters. You will also get to guide different characters as you take them through many time zones and you fight the different wary mobs in different parts of the world. TERA also has bosses that you have to challenge in different dungeons. With fantastic graphics the game mainly tests your ability to endure different challenges.


This is one of the few free to play RPG games which was developed by Kingslsle Entertainment. The main audience for this game was intended to be the fairly younger audience but it also has some of the best features which can impress the hardcore gamers. During the game your character will be thrown into a world of too much conflict and you get to fight the forces of the dark and the light. With the world rested on your shoulders you will also get to create your own wizard. This is a flexible game and so you do not get restrictions on many aspects. For example you will get to choose your facials as well as clothing. You can also choose your house settings and associated aspects such as furniture as well. In fact it is one of the few RPG games where you get to choose your own name from a predefined list. One of the most appealing factors of this game is that it has a turn based system of combat.


It is a fantasy RPG. The game was published by Perfect World Entertainment and was developed by Cryptic Studios. One of the first free to play RPG games ever made that was a big hit was the Dungeons and Dragons and the Neverwinter is almost a replica of it. Its best features are missions, good character development as well as your ability to exploit different environments. Your main aim in the game is to save the Neverwinter city and see it reclaim its lost glory. There are evil forces which are working against the city.

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