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Massively Multiplayer Online Games or MMORPGs, are very popular these days. That is because people find it incredibly fascinating about immersing oneself in a world of magical wonders and high fantasy.

You might be the adventurer who would brave the most dangerous dungeons and scary castles to slay the magic beasts and find untold riches. Or perhaps you could be the mage who will become the most powerful magician across the known world, or maybe the evil overlord who will rule the many continents.

With MMOGs, you can be anyone and anything, you want to be. The limits are only bounded by your imagination. That is the reason why they are so popular.

The only problem is that not many MMO games are free to play. Most of the time, you would have to pay for the MMORPG itself, if not the monthly subscription fee. Do you want to pay good money for something you can get without paying for it?

So, a lot of devout gamers have searched far and wide for good free to play MMOGs that are worth their time. Not too long ago almost all of these types of MMORPGs were not very good but this is no longer true.

Nowadays the some of the top game companies have created high quality MMORPGs that cost nothing to play or download. Also many previously membership games have switched over to free to play to attract more players.

Is there a catch? You might be wondering why they are not charging a subscription fee. That is because they operate using a different business model. That is “freemium” business model in which almost all the content is given to users for free apart from a few premium or paid contents.

In other words, when a gamer starts playing, all skills and content are free similar to a free trial only without the time limits. Then as the player explores more areas, there will be a few paid items or expansion packs offered for higher level players.

These items or expansion packs are all optional and are just there to offer more variety. Quite a few of these items are purely vanity items that do not even give any special bonuses. The items are there just to customize your avatar.

To give a concrete example, all of the regular players must limit themselves to using the boring-looking steel long sword but there is a fun-looking glowing sword for those who want to buy it. The generic-looking steel sword has exactly the same equipment stats as the cool-looking glowing sword – players are paying for only for their character to look cool.

These types of items are called vanity items because they are sold purely for bragging rights and do not really affect character progression. They are somewhat like buying expensive extras like custom car grills for your automobile.

Obviously, they do not actually make your car go faster but they improve visual appeal of your car, and people are quite willing to buy that type of thing. It is the same with freemium MMOs with the added benefit of these optional vanity items in place of paid membership.

Does that sound good to you? Freemium MMORPGs are perfect for casual gamers who only play occasionally because they do not want to pay for something they would not even log into every day. It is also great for younger players who cannot spend too much for games online.

These are some of the many reasons why gamers are flocking to these online multiplayer games. In conclusion, it is mainly because gamers love the adventure.

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AMSTEL, Γιατί έτσι σας αρέσει [AMSTEL, because this is how you like it]
free to play games
Image by SpaceShoe [Learning to live with the crisis]
AMSTEL, because this is how you like it

ADVERTISEMENT: Two guys play a childish game to their friend. They push a parked car so that their friend cannot find enough free parking space to park his own car. And they laugh. It seems like an innocent game.

It all concludes with the company of friends, sitting at a cafe with beautiful girls beside them enjoying the beer of their choice: AMSTEL. This is paradise…

Behind the simplicity of the message, this is not anymore about a physical need. It is not about thirst, or the taste of a beer. No, It is something deeper, it is almost existential: “This is how you like it”.

You could live your dream in this pop capitalism for all. Where life is easy and pleasure comes through your choice of consuming specific products. There, you will find pleasure. A simple light pleasure. A safe pleasure. For “like” is not as strong as “love”, but it is safer I suppose. No strong attachments necessary. No responsibilities really. No consequences. No thoughts. Just consume. “Like” Paradise..

In the politics of desire, we don’t love or hate. We “like”. All are connected – society exists and functions through the desired object. It is a “safe” object for a society which “feels” secure. In a paradoxical way then, a society of fragile connections is a stable society.

AMSTEL, because this is how you like it

Reality: Two poor kids run from table to table asking for money. The boy is evidently drunk. He has no manners. He attacks verbally all those who don’t give him money. One person threatens that he will call the police. His sister tries to protect him. She shouts to him, “leave him, let’s go!” He starts running while he still holds the object of desire: a bottle of Amstel.

The dominant message is ridiculed, reversed. There is no light atmosphere here. There seems to be an absence of joy. No promises fulfilled. And then, it seems like this bottle should not be held by the hands of poor kids.

The issue is not that they are poor or that they are kids who hold a bottle of beer but that the message inside our minds does not fit the image of reality. It seems, it is easier to deny the image of reality to protect the positive message in our minds. For what is inside our minds gives us a sense of security and safety and reality is becoming harsher and harsher. And we just can’t accept that the problem lies with the dominant message.

Thus, since the problem is not with the dominant message, then it must be poverty that is to be blamed for the absence of paradise. Thus, it is the poor to be blamed for being poor. The more they become, the more they are to be blamed, the more they become danger to the healthy society. Because the message cannot be false. The message cannot be but true.

In the “West”, this is how we “like” it. Is this also the way the "West" chooses to die?


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