Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMOGs, are very popular today. That’s because people find it incredibly fun about immersing yourself in a world of magical wonders and high fantasy.

You could be the adventurer who would brave the darkest forests and horrifying fortresses to slay the dragon and find untold wealth. Or perhaps you could be the sorcerer who will become the greatest mage across the known world, or maybe the dark lord who will reign over the many lands.

With MMOGs, you can be anyone and anything, you want to be. The limits are only bounded by your imagination. That’s why everyone loves them.

The problem is that not all MMORPGs are free. Most of the time, you’d have to pay for the MMO game itself, plus the monthly membership fee. Do you want to pay good money for something you can get for nothing?

So, a lot of devout players have looked everywhere for the best free MMO games that are worth their commitment. In the past almost all of these types of MMORPGs sucked but this is no longer true. Nowadays the some of the top game companies have created high quality MMORPGs that cost nothing to play or download. Also many previously pay to play games have switched over to free to get more new players.

Is there a catch? You could ask why exactly they are not charging a subscription fee. The reason is simple they operate on a different business model compared to premium games. That is “freemium” model in which the majority of the content is offered to gamers for free except for some premium or paid contents.

So, for example when a player starts playing, all skills and content are free just like a free trial period except without the time limits. Then as the gamer levels up, there will be a few paid items or expansion packs offered for the most hardcore players. These expansion packs or items are always optional and are just there to offer more variety. Quite a few of these premium items are purely vanity items that do not even give any special bonuses. The items are there just to make your character look good.

To give a concrete example, all regular players must limit themselves to using the boring-looking steel mace but there might be a cool-looking magic sword for those willing to pay for it. The generic-looking steel long sword has exactly the same equipment stats as the awesome-looking glowing sword – people are paying for only for their character to look cool.

These premium items are called vanity items because they are sold purely for bragging rights and do not actually affect character stats. They are rather like buying costly car accessories for your car. Obviously, they do not actually make your car go faster but they make your car look good, and car aficionados are happy enough to pay for that. It’s the same with freemium MMOs with the added benefit of these completely optional vanity equipment taking the place of premium subscription fees.

Sound good? Freemium MMO games are perfect for casual players who only play irregularly because they don’t want to pay for something they will not play every day. It’s also great for younger players who can’t spend too much for online games.

These are the top reasons why players are flocking to these online games. To sum it up, it’s mainly because players love to role-play.

Visit Jessie Andrews’s site for free MMORPGs list from MMO Worlds, the top games blog. All of these online games are totally free to play forever. None are free trial or premium open beta games.

Fair Play: El Mundo — little interview w/Kaleidos Hope (owner/creator)
free to play games
Image by ƦƲƁƖԼƳƝ (sie.verlangen)
This is the outfit I have worn during the interview with Kaleidos Hope, owner and creator of the brand new event Fair Play: El Mundo.

Fair Play are permanent fairs inspired by games. El Mundo is an ancient game from the 13th century.

The Fair Play: El Mundo fair will open its doors on July 1st.

With this article, I also started a major change for my future blogging. All fantasy-related content will now be found at

Why, you wonder? I always loved blogging as well as roleplay, and after being inspired by other awesome projects, I wanted "to go back to the roots" for everthing that is around my roleplay hobby. Therefore, I want to combine the fantasy fashion I wear with little stories from my roleplay adventures.

I will still blog casual/freebie stuff on my existing blog as I did before, no worries! Just for fantasy fashion, it will be another way of approaching for me. I hope you like the idea and still enjoy to follow.

>> Read the whole article here <<

SURL (opens July 1st)

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BODY: Maitreya Lara body/hands + SLink feet
SHAPE: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Temperance tyvm!
HAIR: Besom Verison – Saturday Sale
EYES: IKON Sovereign. Field
EYELASHES: Mon Cheri Falsies

HEADPIECE: LODE Mone. vintage lilac – Gacha
NECKLACE: OtherSkin Salvation – soon @ Fair Play: El Mundo *new* tyvm!
COAT: FATEplay – Summer Solstice Celebration: 50% off sale until July 5th
GLOVES: FATEplay – Summer Solstice Celebration: 50% off sale until July 5th
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BOOTS: FDD Endless. Postapocalyptic Boots ULTRA – Gacha

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