Why hardcore gamers hate free-to-play

Why hardcore gamers hate free-to-play

What if Borderlands 2 was exactly as it is today, but it was free? Imagine a Borderlands 2 with a content store instead of paying 50 euros once more the DLC, you get the full game and if you choose, you can buy and sell items and improvements to an auction house for real money, in the that the developer takes 10% of each transaction. Simple as that.

Actually, it sounds good. Jugaríais What? My opinion is that many would spend that auction house. Is there any way of turning into something attractive freemium games for hardcore gamers, or never get through things like vanity items, aesthetic, etc? Let’s try to find out why many players hate freemium titles, Borderlands 2 as an example.

These players say they would not want the same experience playing with for about 50 euros, which if it were free. Not only be free, but they could make money by selling items that do not use class. If not, would not be interested.

Is not it better? Even from the perspective of the player. If you are against selling virtual items, you could simply ignore the market and play all the good that has Borderlands 2, a game with a 9/10 on IGN note, free.

The truth is, sure I guess, somewhat more complex. Even though Borderlands 2 were exactly balanced, real-world features enter into the equation, change the perception of the game. And perception is everything.

Player Confidence

If Borderlands 2K was free but win money every time a player sells to another Eridium, how long would a player appear that something seemed suspicious?

This question points directly to the main problem with hardcore gamers with the evolution of the industry towards freemium games. It’s a trust issue. If you can not buy Eridium, never be suspect, because there is nothing to suspect. But as is for sale, its mere existence makes people alert.

Even though the rate of appearance of Eridium in the spoils was the same (remember we left that this free version of BL2 is equal to the current one), would not seem right. The players, at least a few, begin to think they are being manipulated. Others would be launched to test posting in forums with the Eridium cold data is being distributed in the same way to everyone. Some would use the typical rhetoric of those wonderful years when the games costing 50 euros, and that these things did not happen. No group would be really wrong.

Even if none of this worries you – if you are one wise guy, happy by putting in the hours to this Borderlands 2 – talking real money always introduces some distrust in your mind. When you find a piece of weapon in Borderlands 2 to 50 euros, you feel more happiness: equip and run.

If you find the same weapon in Borderlands 2 economy managed by the players, you have to choose to equip it, or use it to sell and see if you can get about 5 euros or other amount high enough to choose to sell. Every booty is transformed into a decision.

There is a purity in pay games lost in freemium alternatives. Video games are closely related to escapism. It is even indecent think real world money into the gaming experience. I think that is why many players prefer a pay-Borderlands 2 free one. Many of us would pay more to protect the integrity of the game experience.

And this is the reason why many players never would play a free-to-play. Even though it is well developed, even though the boots or other game equilibria have not been modified to get some more money, the idea now is to what extent a player can be sure of everything?

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11-03 Bsktbll – Mass State D3 State Finals – WCS Crusaders vs Watertown Raiders – 762
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Image by gus_estrella
Whitinsville Christian beats Watertown, 42- 36, for D3 boys’ title.STATE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS..By Jim Wilson TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF.jimwilson@telegram.com..Taylor Bajema had a game-high 14 points and sank three foul shots in the final moments as Whitinsville Christian hung on to defeat Watertown, 42-36, today to capture the Division 3 boys’ basketball state title at the DCU Center…Hans Miersma and Colin Richey each added 12 points for Whitinsville Christian…The Crusaders shook off a sluggish start that saw the Red Raiders jump out to a 9-2 lead thanks to a trio of 3-pointers from Cory Donahue..Whitinsville Christian (23-2) cut the lead to 9-7 at the end of the first quarter, then got going in the second quarter to take a 21-15 lead at the break. Richey and Bajema worked outside to go into the locker rooms with seven points each, as the Crusaders limited Watertown to just 10 of 31 shooting from the floor — and forced the Red Raiders to miss all eight of their 3-point attempts in the quarter..Watertown tied the game, 30-30, in the fourth quarter, but Whitinsville Christian responded with a layup from Richey, then a free throw from Miersma. After a Red Raiders’ bucket cut the lead back to one, Richey found Miersma with a nice pass for a layup, then Peter Koopman hit a free throw and Miersma sank two foul shots of his own to put Whitinsville Christian up, 38-32, with 1:30 left in the game..The Crusaders allowed just one more field goal down the stretch, as Bajema hit three foul shots and Grant Brown hit another to seal the win…“It feels so good right now, it’s amazing,” Miersma said. "We haven’t played a team that physical all year and they were all over us. We got used to it, especially in the second half and that’s when we started to roll.”

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