List of top free strategy games online

Here, you are going to now about different kinds of top free strategy games online. What are the strategy games? Basically strategy games are that sort of game in which multi type players can play. There are lots of strategy games. You can play in strategy games in many ways. The easiest way to play games is to use internet. You can play free online strategy games easily with no trouble. By using internet you can easily search the best strategy games. There are lots of free online strategy games available on multiple sites. Majority of the people use these sites to play the games. This is the best way of entertainment to play strategy games. Most of the websites have free online games. At the same time most of the websites have an option of purchasing these games. The best and recommended website for purchasing policy games is

Lots of people use this website to purchase the games of their choice. This is very costly website as compare to the other websites but it is guarantee that there will be no problem in downloading and playing the specific game. That is why this website has countless users. Now, we are going to enlist the name of top strategy games. The first and the best online strategy game name is “super Mario world”. In the super Mario game there are different levels of playing. Levels are increased after crossing the previous level. If you loose your first level then you cannot proceed in the game and your game will be over. There is a one small cartoonist man which crosses the levels. After the discussion of first game we discuss the online game strategy.

These games are also interred related with empire games. The second name of the strategy game is “final fantasy 7”. This game is mostly played on the play station. In this game there are different people who fight with each other and this game has also many levels. The levels of the games are tough after each level. The next game is “world of war craft” this game is mostly played on pc. The next empire game is “warfare”. This game is based on army. There are two parties who fight with each other. This game is also play on pc. There is another empire game which is called “Sid Meier’s civilization”. This game is based on the farm. The best and the most played game is Street Fighter II. In this game two man are fighting with each other. To pick up the suitable free online game strategy is also the part of these games. “Doom” is also that empire game in which two people are killing by the public with different kinds of rifles. “Super Mario kart” and “half life 2” are the two best strategy games. If we discuss about all the strategy games then we can not count these games because there are number of strategy games exist. You can search via internet.

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Go To Jail
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Image by kenteegardin
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Get Ready to Play Free Online Games

Are you interested in free online games? Well, in that case you are highly recommended to visit the most reputed online gaming site at least for once. Play free online games with great enthusiasm and interest just by clicking into the site. The site can provide you different interesting gaming options out of which you must choose the most preferable one in accordance of your preferences.

You can get all the necessary instructions regarding how to play games online and so you will not face any difficulty in playing the same. You can definitely have the experience of an outstanding explosive adventure from the stunning online games of the site. The latest gaming videos and graphics are also quite attractive. Now, you can also play online games with the help of your mobile internet and thus you can play anywhere.

These free games online are also accompanied by outstanding audios which makes the games more attractive.
These online games are almost like video games but the only difference is that in these games you will not face extremely violence situation like that of the video games and thus you can play the same for long hours without facing any trouble. You can also improve the coordination between your hand and eye and can restore more energy while playing these online free games. You just need to register yourself online and can get started playing these games.

The cognitive, social and team skills can be highly boosted up by means of practicing these games on a regular basis. You will also learn regarding how to overcome varied critical challenges in life by means of these online games especially from the car-racing games. Proper communication can be developed and You can gain the specialized skills of problem-solving by playing these online free games.

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2008 Summer Olympics – Opening Ceremony – Beijing, China 同一个世界 同一个梦想 – U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program – FMWRC
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Image by familymwr

Olympic Opening Ceremony celebrates ‘One World, One Dream’

Date Posted: 8/12/2008

Photos and Story by Tim Hipps
FMWRC Public Affairs

(Cleared for public release)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) provides soldier-athletes the opportunity to compete toward qualifying for the United States Olympic team. Qualified soldiers must be nationally ranked in their chosen sport and be certified by the United States Olympic Committee at a world class level. Athletes join the program at least three years before the Olympic Trials. To be eligible for the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program, soldiers must currently be a member of the Active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. Soldiers must also be eligible to represent the USA in international competitions and demonstrate the potential to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Team or U.S. Paralympic Team.

BEIJING – The elaborate Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad featured a display of China’s long and distinguished history and culture intertwined with the “One World, One Dream” theme of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

“Beijing, you are host to the present and the gateway to the future,” International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge proclaimed before a sellout crowd of 91,000 at National Stadium on Aug. 8. “Thank you.”

An audience of 400,000,000 was expected to watch the spectacle on television.

“Friends have come from afar, how happy we are,” is a well-known saying of Confucius (551 BC-479 BC), a famous Chinese educator and thinker whose thoughts deeply influenced later generations.

U.S. President Bush and wife Laura were among more than 80 world dignitaries in attendance, along with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Bush became the first U.S. president to attend an Olympic Games outside of the United States while serving as Commander in Chief. His father, George H.W. Bush, the 41st U.S. president, also made history by occupying the chair of Chef de Mission of the U.S. Olympic Team, marking the first time the U.S. Olympic Committee has had an honorary chief of the mission.

The four-hour extravaganza featured 110 minutes of music, beginning with the fou, the most ancient Chinese percussion instrument made of clay or bronze. Manned by 2,008 performers, the fou-produced sound of rolling spring thunder greeted friends from all over the world.

The music was specially created by 18 composers for a production that displayed 15,153 sets of costumes in 47 styles. Some of the performers rehearsed for 13 months in preparation for one of China’s most magical nights.

Six hundred people were involved in the installation, direction, and safety supervision for a display of 11,456 fireworks set off from from 287 points atop the stadium and 8,428 more from 27 positions in the central area. Another 1,462 glowing and sparkling fireworks illuminated the upper rim of the stadium.

Gunpowder was invented in China during the Song Dynasty (960 AD-1276 AD). People used the ingredients for gunpowder as medicines for illnesses in ancient times; hence the name “gunpowder,” means “burning medicines.” The invention of gunpowder is one of China’s outstanding achievements in the history of human civilization that changed the course of world history.

A painting scroll revealed the origin and development of China’s history and culture. Paper is another of the four great inventions of ancient China. As one child sang “A Hymn to My Country,” 56 children clustered around the National Flag of the People’s Republic of China to represent the country’s 56 ethnic groups. Immediately following, the famous Chinese painting “A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains” was visible on the stadium floor while the ancient stringed instrument, Guqin, provided the “Sounds of Utmost Antiquity.”

Cliff painting, earth pottery and bronze vessels were displayed to reflect artistic developments of the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC-1046 BC) and Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC-221 BC).

The Great Wall was illustrated by smooth lines, both concise and vivid, with peach blossoms, romantic and enjoyable, that illustrated the sweet wishes of peace-loving Chinese people.

The “Silk Road” was an important vehicle for economic and cultural exchange between China and Western countries. More than 2,000 years ago, trade caravans of China set out from Chang’an (now Xi’an in Shaanxi Province) with expensive silk, crossed the Hexi Corridor, and entered the European continent.

More than 600 years ago, Zheng He of Ming Dynasty led seven shipping fleets with 27,000 people aboard a long voyage from Quanzhou that arrived in Western Asia and Eastern Africa, thus creating the well-known “Maritime Silk Road.” On opening night, a performer held an ancient compass, another of the four great inventions of ancient China.

In a later segment, Chinese pianist Lang Lang and 5-year-old Li Muzi welcomed a brand-new age. Lang is the first Chinese pianist to have long-term cooperation with first-class orchestras in Berlin and Vienna. He has played recitals in many of the most famous music halls in the world. During that performance, the kite was introduced as another Chinese invention.

An exhibition of Taiji manifested the integration of traditions and the future by illustrating the unity of man and nature. Taijiquan is the most representative shadow boxing among Chinese martial arts, characterized by the “combination of the dynamic and static and the interdependence of hardness and softness.”

The Eight Diagrams of Taiji symbolize eight natural phenomena – heaven, earth, thunder, wind, water, fire, mountain and swamp – that represent the changes of all things on earth. A total of 2,008 Taiji performers formed a circle that illustrated grandness and consummation in the traditional Chinese concept.

As the program progressed, the smiling faces of children from around the world demonstrated the theme of “One World, One Dream.” A gigantic, 16-ton globe arose from the floor, adorned with 58 actors running on nine rings covered with an Olympic Torch pattern. The runners seemingly were free from gravity and full of magic, fantasy and bravery.

The march of nations featured Olympic athletes from 205 countries, led into the stadium by Greece (in accordance with tradition). The host team from China concluded the march of nations.
As Team USA entered they clearly received the loudest ovation of the evening – until Houston Rockets basketball star Yao Ming led the Chinese contingent into the stadium.

The throng representing 596 U.S. athletes occupied more than 100 meters of the running track. As U.S. Flag Bearer Lopez Lomong was rounding the turn, members of Team USA were still filing into the arena from the opposite end of the stadium.

After eight Chinese Olympians carried the Olympic Flag into the stadium, the banner was raised and The Olympic Anthem was played. Athletes’ and officials’ oaths were read, symbolic doves were released, and the Olympic Torch Relay concluded a 33-day journey abroad that covered 97,000 kilometers across five continents and 21 countries.

Chinese Olympic gymnast Li Ning ran 500 meters in about three minutes around the wall of the open-air stadium’s inner roof in what was possibly the most fascinating sight of the night. Supported by a cable, Ning at times appeared to be running on air before lighting the cauldron.

“Many would say that the Olympic Games are of great significance and have profound meanings,” said opening ceremony artistic director Zhang Yimou. “But I once heard someone say: ‘They are all our guests. We should make them happy.’”

"This answer, simple as it is, tells us that we are of one big family. The Opening Ceremony demonstrates the same spirit as we find in the theme song of the ceremony: You and me, from one world; we are family.

“I have never led such a huge team, with so many performers, staff and volunteers. You may not be able to see their faces clearly in this grand stadium and their names may not be printed on this beautiful brochure, but I know how hard they worked for tonight. At this very moment, what do they want to say to you, our distinguished guests, and to the audience all over the world? There is only one simple sentence: ‘From the bottom of my heart, I hope you will enjoy yourselves.’”

THE Way forward for THE PRINTED Books With the Electronic AGE

THE Way forward for THE PRINTED Books With the Electronic AGE


Books are posted inside of a unique composition of environmental welcoming format, characterised by electronic libraries and digital publications. During the existing working day, as electronic textbooks and emergent electronic libraries foster examining society, it happens to be evident that students, journalists and librarians are apprehensive in regards to the future of the printed books with the digital age. Continue reading THE Way forward for THE PRINTED Books With the Electronic AGE

New Age Gaming – Free Online Multiplayer Games

Gone are the days when the only modes of recreation were the outdoor games. It’s the age of Internet and thus internet gaming has become the favourite pastime of children as well as the youth today. Free multiplayer online game has become extremely popular as the large number of players makes the game more interesting and more challenging. The most popular free multiplayer online games are poker, checkers, billiards, memory game, gomoku, four in a row and many more. There is whole range of games available from fun games to puzzles, from separate games for boys and girls based on their distinct choices to games for adults, from role play games to games that require strategic thinking and keep a player mentally stimulated. There are loads of websites offering these games totally free.
A Massively Multiplayer online game (MMO) is a multiplayer video game which can support thousands of players simultaneously. Usually these games were played on personal computers, but these days Play Stations and Xbox are getting very popular as these can connect to internet and can therefore rum MMO games. Also, mobile sets with operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone are providing more and more MMO games.
While playing the multiplayer free games online people can co-operate or compete with each other on a big scale and also interact with players from across the globe. Rogue, Gemstone, Dungeon and Air Warrior are the first generation MMO games that are still quite popular. These MMO games create large scale game worlds often on the same server. However, sometimes the game universe can be copied to several servers to separate the players. This is called a sharded universe. Role playing games, bulletin board games, first person shooter games, turn based strategy games, racing games and music games are different types of multiplayer online MMO games popular now days.
Thanks to the application of new technologies and a developing market of gaming engines Internet has opened a new world of recreation for the kids and the youth.
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Find more information relating to Free Multiplayer Games Online, and Play free online battles games here.

San Diego State University: The 1941 NAIA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament Champions
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Image by The Happy Rower
From left- Kenny Hale, Bill Patterson, Milton (Milky) Phelps, Harry Hodgetts, Dick Mitchell.

Photo was derived from bottom right of the below link and edited to restore the missing section:

From Wikipedia:

The 1941 NAIA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament was held in March at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri. This 5th annual NAIA basketball tournament featured 32 teams playing in a single-elimination format. The third time was the charm for the Aztecs of San Diego State. After losing the previous two years to Southwestern College and Tarkio College, the Aztecs finally won beating Murray State College (Ky.) 36-34. It also was the first time that the tournament MVP was awarded to a player whose team did not win the championship, and make the NAIA Final Four (Charles Thomas played for Northwestern State University which lost in the second round to Texas Wesleyan University).

From SDSU Hall of Fame:

1941 Men’s Basketball Team: San Diego State’s first national team champion was the 1940-41 men’s basketball team. That squad, led by Aztec Hall of Fame members Milton Phelps, Harry Hodgetts, Dick Mitchell and Kenny Hale, and coached by Hall of Famer Morris Gross, posted a 24-7 record. The team traveled to Kansas City and won four games in the NAIA national tournament to bring home the national title. The 24 wins are still tied for the most by an Aztec club in a single season.

Kenny Hale (1920-2013): A first-team Little All-American at guard…Was an all-tournament selection after SDSU’s run to the 1941 national title…Led the Aztecs in scoring three times in five tournament games…Known for his outside shooting and quickness…Left school to join the Navy in World War II…Returned in 1946 to finish his college career…Became coach, principal and administrator in the San Diego school system and San Diego Community College.

Milton Phelps (died 1942): "Milky" was the first Aztec athlete to achieve first-team, major-college All-America honors…Three-time team MVP…His double-figure scoring average led the team all three years…Led SDSU to the NAIA national title in 1941…All of the men in the photo served in uniform in WWII, but Phelps was the only casualty of the war when he was killed in a training flight accident at Corpus Christi, Texas, in November 1942 as he prepared to become an Air Force pilot.

Harry Hodgetts (1918-2012): Helped lead the University to two national runner-up finishes and the 1941 national championship…Was the defensive stopper…Guarded Jackie Robinson in the Aztecs’ 1941 win over UCLA…Prepped locally at Hoover High School…Recipient of the 1998 Hoopla Award for lifetime commitment to San Diego State.

Dick Mitchell: Center for the 1941 national champions…A second-team All-American…Left the University as its third all-time scorer…Earned three varsity letters in baseball and was an all-conference pick in that sport in 1942…Was a national caliber badminton player in the 1950s…Was selected to the Badminton Hall of Fame in 1974.

Bill Patterson is the only member of the championship team not shown as individually elected to the SDSU Hall of Fame (the 1941 team overall was elected in 2002), though his playing was important. At 5′ 10" he was the second shortest member of the team–Hale was 5′ 9 1/2". The tallest member of the team was Andy Echle, the giant of the lot at 6′ 3".

A good account of the game is quoted from an article by James D. Newland in an open post at the web site listed following the quote:

"San Diego State was scheduled for the 1941 tournament’s opening night “featured” last game against Montana State. The Aztec speed and pressing defense resulted in a solid 46-29 win.

Their second game against Culver-Stockton College of Missouri was much tougher. The game ended in a 41-41 tie and it took two baskets from young Kenny Hale, who had become the team’s top scorer during Phelps injury-riddled season, and a Harry Hodgetts free throw along with a tight defense, to get a 46-41 overtime victory.

Awaiting was Texas Wesleyan, another highly rated opponent. The game was tight all the way. Andy Echle’s 13 points led the Aztecs. Phelps, still struggling with his injured knee, played only two minutes. Yet his only basket with 22 seconds to go proved to be the game winner in a 44-42 triumph.

The next challenge was a tall one—literally. West Texas State featured a 6-foot-10 center and a team average height of nearly 6-6. The Buffaloes were touted as tournament favorites.

Andy Echle [not in the photograph above] was San Diego’s tallest player at 6-4 followed by 6-1 Hodgetts and Dick Mitchell. When Echle went down with an injury in the first minute of the game, Mitchell and Hodgetts were left to guard the 6-10 center Charles Halbert and 6-6 leading scorer Price Brookfield.

Mitchell’s performance is legendary, holding Halbert to 13 points while scoring 14 himself before fouling out (only four fouls got you disqualified back then) with two minutes to go. A woozy Andy Echle re-entered for the last two minutes after Mitchell’s departure. Hodgetts’s defensive performance was just as impressive, holding Brookfield to 11 points while surviving with three personal fouls.

Gross’ strategy of using his team’s quickness paid off as they slowly pulled out to a 22-17 half time lead. Phelps’ gutty performance in scoring 10 points in reduced and painful, minutes along with small speedsters Hale and Patterson’s 9 and 7 points kept the “Texas giants” off-balance. Late baskets by Phelps, Hale and Mitchell sealed the stunning 43-40 upset victory.

The Aztecs participation in their third straight championship game may have seemed anti-climatic. Their opponent—Murray State of Kentucky—was a surprise finalist as well. But the injuries to Phelps, Echle and a banged-up Mitchell put the result in doubt.

Gutty performances by Phelps (7 points) and Echle (9 points), both wrapped in bandages from their injuries, along with Hale’s 10 points, made up for semifinal game star Mitchell’s absence. The scarlet-clad Aztecs raced out to a 20-14 halftime lead. But a 13-minute scoring drought resulted in Murray State tying the game with 3½ minutes left in regulation.

Here it was time for 5-9 forward Patterson, the team’s shortest starter, to make his mark on Aztec history. Patterson slipped behind the Racers’ defense for a layup to pull ahead 30-28. After reserve Jim Ahler made a free throw, Murray’s star center Bob Salmons closed the gap to 31-30 with 1:30 left.

It was then that Phelps, the team’s best free throw shooter and sure ball-handler, was pressured. He then deftly fed Patterson again to slip through for another basket. Patterson repeated with another basket to give State a 35-30 lead with less than a minute to go. Phelps added a free throw, his fifth of the game.

Murray State added two meaningless baskets in the last few seconds, but it was too late as the Aztecs held on for the 36-34 victory—and the national championship.

Milky Phelps ended the season as the Aztecs’ leading scorer with 1,043 points in three injury riddled and preshot-clock seasons. Phelps and Hale were named First Team “Little” All-Americans with Mitchell and Hodgetts were named second team."…

Steve and Larson countdown the top ten free-to-play video games.

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Future Issues of Health and fitness Care Management

Future Issues of Health and fitness Care Management


It is really surprising to understand that the health care administration is creating the increase of poverty fees around the world. In accordance with a variety of analysts, the various obstacles affecting healthiness care administration are gradually creeping to become long term threats while in the poverty concentrations. Continue reading Future Issues of Health and fitness Care Management

Future Problems of Healthiness Treatment Management

Future Problems of Healthiness Treatment Management


It is always stunning to master which the healthiness treatment management is inflicting the rise of poverty charges across the globe. Reported by various analysts, different difficulties affecting wellbeing treatment administration are slowly but surely creeping to become foreseeable future threats in the poverty ranges. Continue reading Future Problems of Healthiness Treatment Management

FUTURE Challenges FOR Overall health Treatment MANAGEMENT

FUTURE Challenges FOR Overall health Treatment MANAGEMENT

In formulated economies, health sector encompasses about ten percent of presidency expenditure, earning it an important determinant within the GDP. This sector also gives you employment possibilities for any major portion for the world’s population. Continue reading FUTURE Challenges FOR Overall health Treatment MANAGEMENT

Play And Download Free Games Online!

Everyone loves games, have it be board games, video games, or online games. Also depending on your personal preferences, there is probably a game out there that would be the perfect one for you! I always enjoy playing games online simply because its easy, fun, and it helps me to relax when I’m really stressed out! Some of my favorite sites are Pogo dot com, TheArcadeForum dot com, and AddictingGames dot com. Pogo and Addicting Games are actual game sites.

The Arcade Forum is a gaming forum which also has an arcade with thousands of games ready to be played by you and you can even play as a guest with out being blocked! On the other hand if you’re looking for games to download onto your desktop you can do this as well with sites like iWin, BigFish or Real Arcade. As said above there are various types of games as well as genres you can play online. Here is a very small list of some of the games genres that might interest you:

Puzzle & Strategy
Casino & Cards
Memory & Matching
Role Playing
and more!

On most sites where you will be looking for games to download they will give you a trial version that you don’t have to pay for beforehand. These trials last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the game, as well as the game site. If you’re interested in searching for a gaming site or a web site that has games available for download or you just want to visit certain sites to play games on, try searching on Google for “Download Games Online” or “Play Free Games Online.” Or if you’re searching for a game in particular you can also try search terms like “Qbeez Game Download” or “Play Qbeez Online.” Be as specific or unspecific as you want but note that more than likely if you’re specific you will probably find a lot more gaming sites that have the type of games you like! For example you can search for things on Google like “Play Online Puzzle Games” or “Play Free Puzzle Games Online”, this will bring up pages of gaming websites that have puzzle games available to you!

Also, If you would like to you can check out TheArcadeForum and other forums like it such as ChatterBox Forum and YoBux you can check out your favorite search engine and search for keywords such as “Gaming Forums Online”, “Arcade Forums Online” or “Online Gaming Forums With Arcades.”

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Fenway Park in a Rectangle
free to play games
Image by Rusty Russ
I took enough photos at the ballpark to come up with an acceptable panarama, but not enough to make a nice rectuangler image. So I went to work stretching everything unil it was about the right size, and then since it wasn’t looking very real anyway started playing with Photoshop filters. Check it out large.

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