How Free Are Free To Play Online Games

There is nothing that comes at no cost in this world. Although we talk of free to play browser games, we must appreciate the reality that if they were completely free, then they would have been extinct long time back. However, this should not scare you off from playing your loved strategy or browser games for free. The fact that it is a free game implies that you are not paying a single cent for it. Instead, someone else is paying for the game. As a result, the free sessions and games continue to exist. Let us take a look at some of the diverse classes of the free games.

Types of free browser and strategy games

The first division of the free games is the completely free to play browser games. The games can be played on your PC as well as your mobile phone. What is more, you will not be asked to file any personal details such as your email address. All you need to play these games is an internet connection and of course a digital device.

The next category is also free but you need subscriptions to play. Subscription here does not mean you pay a fee to play instead, it means you will have to subscribe to play with personal credentials such as your email address. This is necessary to ensure you continuously receive updates related to new motivating products and services offered by the producers of the games that you prefer.

Another free games category is that which allows you to play for free. Nonetheless, you must agree to the fact that it is tempting to play without wanting a win. Whether you will get a prize or not, you will be pleased to win. Needless to say, it is impossible to expect sweet gifting including cars when you can barely contribute towards their production. Consequently, this sect of the free games demands that you pay some amount in order to begin anticipating winning the prizes.

The last category entails the free to play browser games that must be downloaded before you begin to play. Often, this category is excluded from the list of free to play games because of the installation procedure that is involved. Well, it is best to tag it among your free games because once you have it among your applications; you will not need an internet connection to play. This ultimately makes the games free.

Free games and your health

Free to play strategy games can be so harmful to your health that you may end up resembling a mental case if you are not cautious. To avoid this, you must check into considerations like your age group as well as your interests to play. You should play out of fun and enjoyment rather than the hunger to win. Hence, you should check on the games played by your children to ensure their heath is safe. Try playing these games today.

Playing the free to play strategy games can be full of fun if you play responsibly and for the right reasons. If you want to find out what kind of free to play browser games are at your exposure, carry out an online research by logging into online games websites.

Seurat revisited .. LONDON 2011
free to play games
Image by Nick Kenrick.
london diary .. march 31st 2011

mad and fantastic last full day in LOndon .. took old heritage red doubledecker to Trafalgar sq. passed Libyan embassy which was heavily guarded . lots of police outside in Hyde park . then the amazing National Gallery . Monet . VAn Gogh . etc

part 2 .. then we walked across Thames . and Southbank past London eye . and then the Tate Modern . which we really liked 2nd time around . , walked across the famous Millenium bridge to St Pauls cathedral . natasha was hurrying us . to go to shopping mecca Oxford st .

part 3. bus ride thru London in the rush hour . Fleet st. and passing loadsa famous places . and meeting passengers on the bus who were like us . from Vancouver . etc it was spooky . and travel conspires to do these amazing things . off the bus at Regents st . and mad mad shopping and frenzy of people . in the ultra fashionable shops . drank champers in a store . then Carnaby st. …

part 4. anna and i shared a pint of guiness on carnaby street to chill our stressed middle aged heads. .then frantic rush down the tube . the black guy anouncer was so chilled and was calming everyone down with witty humour . so british . where else ?…then cram onto the packed train to read the free London Standard .. train to Wales tomorrow and one tiny grocery in tiny village . culture shock it will be. ..

got to see this painting again today . in all its glory . this is one of my favourite paintings its in the National gallery in London .. Bathers at Asnières, 1884, by Seurat
why do I like it ? maybe because we played this board game ‘Masterpiece’ in the 70’s and this painting always intrigued me .

ok I’m from Liverpool and you know.. .. the Beatles .. I am . just loving them all over again listening to the new remasters , just released last week

so why not put great art and music together even if they are in different centuries !?

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