7 Free to play Games on your Android Wear Smartwatch

Android Wear is still a newer technology and highly appreciated but early adopters but sooner or later everyone will wear an Android smart device. It’s still early days, but as a starting point the current development of Android Wear apps promises a brighter future.

While it’s true that Android Wear is geared towards contextual notifications and fast access to particular functions, there’s no reason you couldn’t use that new screen on your wrist to spend time without having to pull up your smartphone. After all, if you simply have a minute or more to waste, it might be more practical to raise your wrist than using your smartphone.

Teensy Studios has rolled out a collection of games that deal with Android wearable smartwatches, such as the Smasung Equipment Live, LG G Watch and the Moto 360. Here is a list of 7 free to play games that can be a good time pass for you.

Skyscraper Jumper

Skyscraper Jumper is an endless runner game. You need to time jumps carefully between the towers and see how far you can go.

Tap and Zap

Tap and Zap is a simple tap to play game, with rich graphics and exclusive game modes. It has classic gameplay but is a modern social experience.

Radiant Fighter

Radiant fighter is an arcade game for the lovers of the original space invaders. You need to save the homeland of the Radiant Fighter from the alien invasion.

Roos Tap Adventure

Roos Tap Adventure is an endless runner of the Kangaroo variety. You need to be quick to get as many points as possible before the time runs out!

Turtle Quest

Dive into adventure and fun with this smart tiny turtle. The turtle knows hows to swim but it needs your guidance to find way out of the underwater caves.

Burj Builder

Burj Builder is a superb, physics-based tower building game – only people with quickfire building skills need apply.

Deadly Spikes

In this action adventure game, you need to keep your bird alive as long as possible while avoiding spikes in order to achieve a high score. Click Here for full Article >>

Quiver Tree Forest in Niewoudsville
free to play games
Image by Martin_Heigan
One of the many ancient Quiver Trees (Aloe dichotoma) in the "Quiver Tree Forest" in Niewoudsville, South Africa (October 2006).

Why are they called Quiver Trees?
The Koi-San (Busmen) people of the Kalahari Desert, hollowed out the succulent branches to make "Quivers" to put their arrows in when hunting game. As there are not a lot of trees and resources in the Desert, they had to use what was available.


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